The diffusion of technology is one of our commitments to society since we believe to improve the quality of life of people and generate wealth without losing the idiosyncrasy of the environment that surrounds us and using 3D printing we can get it.

Because as Einstein said “the mind is like a parachute, only works if it opens”. So we want to help all those who want to learn and the teachers who have real vocation of teaching to convey the passion for new technologies and to help build a future for all ideas and new ways of thinking.


  • Elementary and secondary training


    We want to turn classrooms into spaces where the imagination runs free. Places where exchange of ideas can materialize and viewed through 3D printing.

    We help teachers to identify in each of the subjects the way to reconcile theory with the practice leading to the field of the visual, thanks to the impression of 3D objects, different aspects of the content.

    So we offer extracurricular activities around the world of programming, robotics and 3D printing. The three fields of knowledge are closely linked and passion by one leads to the development of the other.


    Our young people are calling for more. Every time they are more self-taught and are looking for new ways to learn and create their own learning tools. The “maker” spirit is increasingly more present on our campus and we believe that Dima 3D has to be there to accompany them in this process of discovering new technologies. We have different courses according to the aspirations of each student. “Introduction to 3D printing”, “Build your own 3D printer” and periodically we adapt and improve the training offer based on the demands of the visitors.

    We also create 3D custom printing laboratories where teachers and researchers can experiment with different materials and obtain prototypes wishing to apply to scientific progress. We offer support, services, and supporting materials. Everything you need to get the most out.

  • Training university


  • Training for entrepreneurs



    One of our sources of inspiration is the generation of business models around 3D printing that will generate value for freelancers and small business owners. That is why we give lectures, workshops and courses for groups that want to enter in this world and believe in its potential to build a better future. Example: Forem Madrid.


    We don’t want to lose sight of the characteristics of each profession and therefore offer “Ad Hoc” courses for various groups of professionals: doctors, architects, orthodontists, industrial designers, automotive, etc.

  • Training specific professional areas