“Desktop 3D printer with professional quality”


DIMA LT Printer

DIMA LT is the first desktop 3D printer with professional quality. It is easy to operate and maintain, and it features far superior performance to conventional DIY (Do-It-Yourself) kits.

  • Dima LT

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      Dima LT LCD

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      Dima LT Protector Alimentación

    • Plug and Play system.

    • Anti-shock steel reinforced frame.

    • Heatable printing platform.

    • Extruder up to 400 °C.

    • Printing dimensions up to 200×200×200 mm.

    • End stops in every axis (X, Y, Z).

    • Up to 50 microns layer resolution.

    • Electronics and power source integrated in printer frame.

    • Safe and easy cabling, with protective cover and plugs.

    • Easy filament replacement.

    • Filament support system (1-3 cartridges).

    • Clamping system for easy transportation.

    • Thermoplastic printing materials: ABS, PLA, Nylon, Polypropylene, Filaflex, HIPS and other composites.

    • Power supply and electronic cooling fan protection.

    • With LCD display driver.

DIMA LT is an evolution of the P3Steel model featuring important upgrades. The lead screws with ball bearing nuts allow a precise 50 microns layer resolution. The combination of an advanced extruder and a heatable printing platform enable the use of a wider range of thermoplastic materials for printing. DIMA LT is simply a best in class.